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Liverpool vs. Manchester City

Two top clubs, two different approaches.


Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp and Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola both joined their respective teams within a half year of one another and since then, the two clubs have been in a battle for the top. But how are they doing it? 

The first thing to look at is Liverpool and their spending over the last 5 years. Liverpool, over the last few years, have made a profit off of selling players, except in 2018 when they spent big on players that revamped the squad. Man City spent close to $200 million for multiple years in a row.

spending 1024x1024 - Liverpool vs. Manchester City
Liverpool has spent much less money than Manchester City

Next, look at the two team’s point totals over the last 5 years — both expected points and the actual points they earned.

waffleiron 1 e1575408213483 1024x614 - Liverpool vs. Manchester City
Over the past 5 years, Manchester City has dominated the point total.

Man City did almost exactly how they were supposed to do. Both these teams are known for being very offensive and scoring lots of goals, but Man City is above Liverpool every season. They score more goals against the opposition then Liverpool does.

goals 1024x341 - Liverpool vs. Manchester City
Manchester City has had more goals than Liverpool for 5 consecutive years.

But while City outspends and outscores Liverpool, Pool now sits atop the table, and may be there for the rest of the season.