Minnesota and Nebraska fans at Minnesota-Nebraska game 10/16/2021
Nebraska fans attend in large numbers, but that did not help in a 30-23 loss for the Huskers.

Fans scream “Go Big Red!” as they walk into Huntington Bank Stadium. A couple upperclassman shotgun beers and others play cornhole with their Huskers sets. It is gameday in Minneapolis.

Nebraska is well-known for a very active fanbase. The school has sold out 376 home consecutive games since the 1962 season. The streets of Lincoln flood with scarlet come game day and tailgates spread out on many side streets around town. These fans are also known for being excellent travelers when it comes to away games. Plenty of fans made their way to show support at the Nebraska-Minnesota game, bringing their traditions and tailgates along with them.

Nebraska tailgates ran rampant in the Minnesota streets. Looking around, it was hard to decipher whether or not it was truly Minnesota territory. Huskers tailgators set up with grills, very similar to how they do in Lincoln. 

Huskers fans even peppered Minnesota sections of the stadium, making up about one-fourth of tickets sold. “I had never been to an away game for us, and assumed it was going to be super small like the schools we travel here,” Nebraska sophomore Nick Colleran said. 

Although the Huskers suffered a 30-23 loss, fans came from across the country to show support. “I’m from Omaha, but live in Phoenix,” Huskers fan Matt Wells said. He hadn’t been to a game in a while, but would love to make a tradition out of it. “We could do some fishing up north and come back down to watch a Huskers game.”

Even some Minnesota fans showed their support for the Nebraska fanbase. Minnesota fan Mike Doos said they were “really excited, always living in the past, and very friendly.” They had one of the best fanbases in both the Big Ten and in the NCAA, he said.

The fanbase was loud most of the game. Big plays got the Nebraska fans going and they were about as loud if not louder than the Minnesota fans for most of the game. The intensity of the fans was crazy, Nebraska student Shemar Touissant said. “They had the same energy as if they were in Memorial Stadium. I feel like the Nebraska fans at the game were the best… I definitely think Nebraska was well represented.” 

This seemed to be a common theme. 

“The Nebraska fans were as good if not better than the Minnesota fans today. They were loud and made us look good,” sophomore Autumn Borg said.

The Huskers fans seen today were as advertised. Fans were rowdy, loud, and showed insane devotion to their football program. The “Sea of Red” will look to build off of these comments at home against Purdue on October 30th, hoping for a win and to be back in bowl conversations.

I am a junior at UNL majoring in Sports Media and Communications. I am from Shawnee, KS and have a passion for football and baseball.