Scott Frost and Trev Alberts addressing the media
Nebraska Athletic Director Trev Alberts and football head coach Scott Frost addressed the media a few hours after a report alleging Nebraska was under NCAA investigation was published. Alberts confirmed the investigation.

The NCAA is investigating the Nebraska football program and head coach Scott Frost for improper use of analysts and consultants, Action Network reported Wednesday morning.

The report cites a source that said there is “significant video footage” showing practice violations taking place in the presence of Frost and other assistants. The allegations date back roughly a year, and the NCAA has interviewed Frost, who has obtained legal counsel. The NCAA has also interviewed current and former staff members, administrators and football players, the report said.

NCAA rules allow analysts to speak to coaches but not coach on the field. The report alleges that James Rutledge, a special teams analyst, was used improperly. Rutledge was fired in January.

The report also alleges unauthorized workouts during the pandemic. Nebraska allegedly moved workouts to an undisclosed off-campus location to avoid detection by school officials. Organized by strength and conditioning staff, the workouts were in violation of NCAA rules, although it is unknown if the NCAA is investigating these allegations.

A source told Action Network that Frost and former chief of staff Gerrod Lambrecht were behind the Huskers attempt to reschedule the game against Oklahoma on Sept. 18. The game marks the 50th anniversary of the Nebraska-Oklahoma Game of the Century, and the report alleges that negative blowback from the Husker fanbase “forced” the Huskers to avoid rescheduling the game.

Nebraska Athletic Director Trev Alberts and Frost jointly spoke to the media a few hours after the report was published.

Alberts acknowledged the allegation, and said they have fully complied with the NCAA.

“This is an ongoing investigation,” Alberts said. “While we would love to provide additional context and details, we simply can’t do that at this time.”

Frost denied that he attempted to reschedule the Nebraska-Oklahoma game.

“I’ve never made one single phone call in regards to our schedule,” Frost said. “That’s not my job.”

Frost also denied that workouts were held discretely.

“Everything we did through COVID was with the best interest in health of our players in mind,” Frost said. “Everything we did was approved by athletic department administration and campus administration.”



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