Daniel Magnuson prepares for a podcast interview

It’s something many football fans might have thought while they watched a game. But University of Nebraska-Lincoln senior Daniel Magnuson has given the phrase even more life.

“Run it, run it, run it, occasional surprise pass, run it again.”

‘Run the Damn Ball’, a common phrase that has been used by various teams and has now become a trend, inspired Magnuson to create his own RTDB platforms. From a successful Twitter account to a podcasting platform, Magnuson said he hopes to continue to grow the RTDB brand. 

The Dallas native was raised a Huskers fan by his parents, who are both from Nebraska. Magnuson said he remembers the day he became a die-hard Huskers fan: the 2005 Alamo Bowl. The game was held in San Antonio, where Nebraska defeated Michigan 32-28. 

The energy Huskers fans brought all the way to Texas gave Magnuson the confidence to be the only Nebraska fan in most conversations. 

“When I was growing up, it was important for the Huskers to be winning because as they were playing in the south more often,” Magnuson remembers. “I would have to show up to school and either get to brag or have everyone say something. Being a Husker has always been in my identity.” 

After Nebraska’s 21-17 loss to Northern Illinois during the 2017 season, Magnuson, then a high school student, started a Twitter account to share his zany thoughts about various teams, players and games. He drafted original Tweets, had a few Twitter fights with others and quickly gained attention from Husker football followers. 

One of his first Tweets posted was, “So happy the worst year in Nebraska football history is over,” Magnuson said. 

He believes he has the 2,290 followers he does because of the ‘army’ of fans the football program has in every aspect. From Husker prospects to former NFL players, the minute by minute updates from people on Twitter helped Daniel gain traction. 

As he transitioned into being a student at UNL, he focused solely on Nebraska football. In 2017, the Huskers under then-head coach Mike Riley, gained 1,533 yards rushing, while their competitors gained 2,577. That is not to say the blackshirts did not put in the work, as they held opponents to 207 yards lost rushing as the Huskers lost 243. 

Soon after he began his account, Scott Frost was named Nebraska’s coach. Magnuson was hopeful that under Frost, the team would be able to increase rushing yards substantially. 

Magnuson’s prayers were answered during the 2018 season as the Husker’s rushed for an additional yards per game. They gained 2,861 rushing yards (+1,328) and lost 353. Their competitors lost 272 yards. 

As the NIL era began in the summer of 2021, the sports world changed. As athletes were able to branch out, Magnuson wanted to be a part of it. 

“Okay I need to start a podcast,” Magnuson said in reflection. 

He started his podcasting journey with two players on the microphone, Bryce Benhart and Turner Corcoran. 

“His greatest strength is he gets along with everyone, so his ability to work with quite literally anyone is, I think, what separates him and his podcast,” Sam Alessandro, friend and co-host said.

However, it is not just as simple as ‘starting a podcast’. With the help of professors and the equipment from the College of Journalism and Mass Communications, the process became easier. 

Andrew Pfeifer, co-host of RTDB, said he had watched Magnuson’s growth from the very beginning. 

“Podcasting is a whole different type of media and I think Daniel has grabbed it by the throat,” Pfeifer said. “He presents a unique style and niche that is different from any other podcast as he really understands the style and format new media will be presented in going forward.”

Magnuson said he is “just having fun with it,” which is evident in his work. His content is very appealing to younger audiences as proven by his followers and he has garnered a lot of support from other college students and various followers as well which is evident in the replies to his work. 

Magnuson said he hopes that his success in a more niche subject can inspire other young people to get started in creating a brand for themselves, especially when they have access to the equipment and professionals. 

Although Magnuson does not expect his podcast to be a full-time endeavor, he wants to continue production for as long as possible. As the Texas native just keeps growing, he said he hopes to show that Texas and Nebraska fans can learn from him and respect both worlds. 

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