Eleanor Dale scores a goal for the Huskers. Photo Courtesy by Karlie Moore


The Huskers have added upcoming games for their spring schedule, as they will play against South Dakota Coyotes and Iowa State Cyclones.

The Nebraska Women’s soccer team will start its spring season on March 5. 

Last season, the Huskers were ranked 7th in the Big Ten. The Huskers went 8-7-5 during the regular season and 5-3-2 in the conference games. 

The Huskers are excited to see players making a difference on the field this season. Sophomore defender Lauryn Anglim started every regular season game last season and made the All-Freshman team for defense. Anglim spent 1,795 minutes on the field for the 2022 season. 

There were a couple of players who made the Big Ten Conference Teams. 

Senior forward Eleanor Dale made the Third Team All-Big Ten, ending last year’s season with seven goals and two assists.  

Other key players to watch for this season include sophomore Sarah Weber and senior Reagan Raabe. 

Weber lead the team with ten goals. Weber was selected as the First Team All-Big Ten. Raabe made the Third Team All-Big Ten for midfield. Raabe was listed as a Big Ten Preseason Player to watch last year.  

Five new players are ready to hit the field, and among the players is Samantha Corrie. Corrie is a defender who plays for Southampton FC. Corrie is from England and won the Southampton Women’s District Cup. 

The South Dakota Coyotes are ranked 7th in the Summitt League. Last season, the team went 4-9-5 for their regular season and 3-4-2 for their conference games. Joana Zanin, a fifth-year forward, led the Coyotes with five goals. Taylor Ravelo, a junior defender for the Coyotes, was awarded an honorable mention for the Summit League last season.  

The Iowa State Cyclones were ranked last in the Big 12 last season. The Cyclones went 3-10-4 for their regular season and 0-7-2 for their conference games. Jada Colbert, a senior forward for the Cyclones, led the team last season with four goals.  

The Huskers will play against the South Dakota Coyotes at 1 p.m., following a game against the Iowa State Cyclones at 3:05 p.m. These games will be played at Hawks Championship Center.