UNLimited Sports at the College of Journalism is starting up a new podcast series called ‘Industry Inquiries,’ hosted by Senior Sports Media major Aaron Bonderson. The series includes interviews with people established in the media industry. Most often interviews are with Husker sports media personnel. 


This edition of Industry Inquiries is a conversation with Dirk Chatelain, of the Omaha World Herald. Chatelain talks about covering Husker football in the 21st century and some keys to being a good reporter in today’s sports media world.

Aaron Bonderson is a Senior Sports Media and Communications major at UNL's College of Journalism. Bonderson grew up in rural Nebraska near a small town, called Hoskins, which is between Wayne and Norfolk in Northeast Nebraska. He's helped with sports broadcasts and announcing on UNL's student radio station, 90.3 KRNU. Now, Bonderson works with the UNLimited Sports Experience Lab at the college.