In this episode of UNLimited Sports Daily, host Peyton Thomas speaks with Greg Sharpe of the Huskers Radio Network about what it means to be the voice of the Huskers.

Growing up in the Kansas City area, Greg Sharpe knew early on that he wanted to become a sports broadcaster. First gaining experience writing for the student newspaper at Kansas State, he was ready to get his feet wet in the industry. Then, after serving as the voice of Kansas State football and basketball from 1996-2002, Sharpe got the initial call to move to his mother’s alma mater, the University of Nebraska.

And the rest is history, since 2008, Sharpe has been the voice that Husker nation has come to know and love in the Nebraska football program. Sharpe and his longtime co-worker Ben McLaughlin, provide a peek behind the curtain about what it means to work in Lincoln, developing a personality and broadcast style, and what’s in store for Sharpe’s future.

Peyton Thomas is a Senior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln studying Sports Media, Broadcasting, and Journalism with a minor in Political Science. He is passionate about sports, and always attempts to find unique stories about real people in his everyday life.