Just three weeks after winter storm Ulmer’s destructive presence hit the Midwest, leaving much of Nebraska flooded, another winter storm is set to hit roughly the same area.

Numerous forecast computer models show a storm system located in the eastern Pacific Ocean moving onshore along the U.S. West Coast, set to stun much of the United States.

More specifically, large amounts of snow are headed across the Midwest and great plains basin, set to blanket the Midwest with anywhere from 18-30 inches in some areas.

The storm, predicted to be in full-force over the Midwest by Thursday night, will make its temporary home directly over Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota.

A predictive model belonging to the National Weather Service Weather Prediction Center shows a greater than 50 percent chance that at least half of Nebraska will accumulate more than six inches of snow, and Nebraska’s National Weather Service said that cold air moving over the state Wednesday and Thursday will bring rain and snow, which will impact the Missouri River for weeks to come.

Still recovering from devastating floods that were a result of a similar storm last month, Nebraskans have been cleaning up the mess left by the last cyclone.

Now, with work still to be done, they will have another task at hand: preparing for yet another.


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