So far in this process of covering the “500-year flood” that devastated much of the Midwest, I have been conflicted, educated, challenged and amused at the amount and nature of stories that have come out of this natural disaster.

From interviewing climate change deniers, to speaking with people in tears due to their loss, I feel as if I have jumped into the deep end of these major scale issues that have impacted my state so dearly, as well as given both sides an even platform to speak.

Something I have noticed myself doing during this process is questioning a lot of my own personal beliefs that I once saw as incredibly concrete and set in stone.

Some of these beliefs such as specifics about climate change, the impact it has on Nebraskans and the many complex barriers that stand in the way of creating change have been challenged and quite frankly shaken to their core.

As I continue to learn, I wish to keep this same attitude and this same open mindedness to continuously take in what people say and to consistently learn from the past in order to make personal changes in the future.  

Using others’ stories to form my own opinion is a goal I continuously strive toward, and I hope to keep on learning myself, just as others are as well.


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