For about a month now, Flood Feed Media has been putting ideas together and communicating on what we want our final product to be. We’ve been traveling all over the state and interviewing people who have been impacted. We’ve collected plenty of photography and videography and about a week ago, we decided what to do with it all: a documentary.

We were not running like chickens with our heads cut off before, but we were unsure on what we were really doing. Tim, who has done lots of editing on articles and web design, has been a quality orchestrator on what our tasks are day-to-day. 

Last week, we also had a meeting discussing everyday office conduct. We’re a rowdy bunch when we want to be, but overall, we get the job done. Some of us felt that our ideas weren’t being respected and that equal authority was an important issue. I know this all sounds intense, but communication like this is vital for successful work. 

My very wise mother, who has managed many people and seen many things in her day, sent me a link over text to explain what our office was going through. The link discussed four stages that many people go through when working together: formin’, stormin’, normin’, and performin’. We stormed for a few weeks, but we’re starting to norm and perform. I know everyone is dying to see what Flood Feed Media is going to produce, but patience is a virtue. 


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