Examples of face masks included in the Thread & Canvas bridal line. Courtesy Photo of Jordan Ehly.

Wedding planning can be a stressful task. Despite a global pandemic, people are still finding ways to get married.

Wedding planning is a big task with finding a dress, food, photographer and determining a seating chart. Now, engaged couples are replanning it all with mask mandates and social distancing restrictions because of COVID-19. 

Brides, bridal stores and some small businesses in Nebraska are helping couples find solutions. 

Jordan Ehly, the owner of Thread & Canvas in Lincoln, has found a way to help brides on their big day by creating face masks.

Ehly started Thread & Canvas by creating scrunchies and holiday decor, but she wanted to make a bigger impact so in early May 2020, she taught herself how to make face masks. 

On top of a full-time job, running her business and planning a wedding, Ehly created specific matching face masks for her own wedding. Now, she is working exclusively with Noa Brides in Omaha to sell bridal face masks. 

The masks incorporate any material from silk to pearls, to lace and flower patterns. These bridal designs turn an ordinary mask into an important piece for a very special day. 

“I think brides maybe feel like, ‘OK, we can still enjoy this special day,’” Ehly said. “And maybe the masks kind of add that fashion touch of detail, but we are still staying safe.”

Jada Franklin is planning her wedding for Oct. 24 and finding creative ways to navigate the pandemic. She and her family are making masks.

Franklin received 120 donated masks donated to her from a family friend. She washed, tie-dyed, and added a saying to each mask to make them a more personal and practical wedding favor for her wedding guests and wedding party.

“I just felt it was the safest thing to do, and we aren’t making it a requirement that you wear them, but we have them to make other people feel better about wearing them if they need to,” Franklin said.

Bridal shops are also addressing the unexpected challenges. Megan Goeke, owner of Hello Beautiful Bridal and Formal Wear in Kearney, said she is working to ensure her brides are happy during the pandemic.

“It’s an incredibly emotional time for somebody to have spent so much of their energy planning and envisioning a day and then all of a sudden it just totally flipped,” Goeke said.

The bridal business is moving a lot quicker through this pandemic, according to Goeke. The busiest time of year is January to March and with deadlines moving faster with brides changing their wedding dates, they are working to be more flexible and helpful for the brides. 

“It’s been difficult,” Goeke said. “You lose sleep for your brides. You know that they are having a hard time.” 

Goeke said she has worked with brides who moved back their wedding, made their guest list smaller, postponed the reception, moved the original date up, or just decided to go to the courthouse. 

“There’s kind of a testament to the Midwest spirit of just being able to prevail regardless, you know,” Goeke said. “I mean, we have just heard of so many amazing stories about our brides.”

For the brides who are wanting a face mask for their wedding, Goeke said they have found ways to create a customized face mask by taking part in the dress and adding it to a mask.

“Love continues,” Goeke said. “People still want to get married, they always will. So we’ll be here.”