Photos by Colby Woodson and Natalie Stanley
Photos by Colby Woodson and Natalie Stanley

Thursday, JUNE 18, 2020

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Twice a week, I’ll highlight the top Nebraska news and sports stories produced by Nebraska News Service journalists. We start by looking at the Black Lives Matter movement in Lincoln. Then read about how University of Nebraska Omaha’s goalie Isaiah Saville is helping change racism in hockey. Learn how dicamba could affect Nebraska farmers. Read why the College World Series isn’t having an opening day in Omaha. Understand why young people in Nebraska identify as non-partisan. Read about a Lincoln artist and her public art. Finally, learn about how umpires feel about the shorter season.

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Black Lives Matter movement in Lincoln

‘Not One More Life,’ latest march for racial justice in Lincoln
By Haley Heiden & Natalie Stanley | June 13, 2020

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Protesters sit on the Capitol steps at the Black Lives Matter march. Photo by Natalie Stanley

Click here to watch the video. Watch coverage of the Black Lives Matter march in Lincoln on June 13.

Crouch, Husker football greats call for racial justice at Lincoln march
By Mark Champion & Katie Anderson | June 13, 2020

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Photo by Colby Woodson

In the 97-degree heat, protesters marched to the Capitol voicing their opinions on policy change and police reform. The march was led by Husker football icons Eric Crouch, Ron Brown and Kieron Williams.
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UNO goalie Isaiah Saville looks to help make change regarding racism in hockey
By Drake Keeler | June 15, 2020

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UNO goalie Isaiah Saville. Photo courtesy of Omaha Athletics

Isaiah Saville is the only African American player on University of Nebraska Omaha’s hockey team. Saville has always had a passion for hockey, and he started playing goalie at 8 years old. However, as a black hockey player, racism has always been a struggle in his sporting career. Hockey is a predominantly white sport with only a few black players, but Saville’s assistant coach Paul Jerrard said Saville’s most notable trait is the way he carries himself.

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Dicamba motion potential hurdle for Nebraska farmers
By Colby Woodson | June 12, 2020

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Soybeans treated with XtendiMax in south central Nebraska. Photo courtesy of Amit Jhala

The Center for Biological Diversity has filed an emergency motion to immediately block the use of three dicamba-based herbicides. Dicamba-based herbicides are extensively used by Nebraska farmers to control a wide spectrum of weeds.

If the court sides with this motion, farmers will have to find alternatives. This could be difficult for farmers who have already invested in the product and it may be a challenge finding suppliers. With COVID-19 supply chain disruptions and the trade war with China, farmers have already been severely impacted this year.

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For the first time in 70 years: No CWS opening day
in Omaha
By Tyler Fangman | June 13, 2020

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Photo of TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha. Photo by Tyler Fangman

Opening Day at the College World Series in Omaha is always full of excitement. Lot D is filled with tailgaters and kids running around the different pop-up shops.

Instead, this year Lot D will be filled with cars patiently waiting to get their test results for COVID-19. The cancelation of the CWS impacts businesses, employees and fans.

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Young people are increasingly identifying as non-partisan
By Nick McConnell | June 15, 2020

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While the non-partisan Nebraska Unicameral gives the pretense of being immune from polarization, University of Nebraska-Lincoln political science professor John Hibbing argues that it is not, citing a strong partisan divide. Photo courtesy of Nebraska Legislature

Senior year of high school is full of big decisions including the ability to register to vote as Democrat or Republican.

Recently, there has been a trend to register as non-partisan. Even though students have strong views on policies, they don’t feel like they belong to either party.

This trend could be happening for a variety of reasons including our political leaders, Nebraska’s nonpartisan Unicameral and the political process.

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Artist transforms city of Lincoln through public art
By Madeleine Grant| June 15, 2020

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Lincoln artist Liz Shea-McCoy says she loves being able to see the public art sculptures she helped make possible, like this bicycle installed in 2003 on the median near 27th Street and Sheridan Boulevard. Photo courtesy Liz Shea-McCoy

Liz Shea-McCoy wears three different hats: professional artist, art educator and public art director.

With COVID-19, Shea-McCoy has been able to focus more on her creative ideas. She is passionate about transforming found objects in art. After visiting the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, Shea-McCoy decided to bring public art to Lincoln. Next fall, she hopes to showcase her artwork on a website and in an exhibit.

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Through the eyes behind the plate
By Kylee Sodomka | June 15, 2020

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Bill Leach (second from left) waiting with other umpires.

COVID-19 has affected many aspects of everyday life including sports. This year, numerous sporting events have been canceled or will have a shorter season.

Umpires are still expected to suit up and prepare for the upcoming season. They are excited that players get the opportunity to continue to play their sport but understand new restrictions will be set in place. Many umpires love the game and can’t wait to see players with the same passion playing.

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