A luscious bed of roses laying beneath the UNL gateway.
City Campus Gateway Columns with new N icon. August 9, 2016. Photo courtesy of Craig Chandler / University Communications

Faculty members from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have been awarded a $1 million grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Over the next four years, the historical researchers plan to investigate how civil rights cases have impacted and facilitated the evolution of the U.S. system of law.

Professors William G. Thomas III and Katrina Jagodinsky, two of the six-person research team, are established educators at UNL whose work in historical studies is recognized not only at the university level but nationally. They discuss the process of attaining the grant and the goals of their research at UNL.

Bennett Stanchfield is a two-time ACHA all-conference goaltender and a senior studying Broadcasting and Media Production at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.