I had no idea what to expect.

It was on the first trip to Columbus that I began to learn just what I got myself into. I learned how interviews should look, how to work a camera and what to keep my eyes open for.

I wanted to do the state of Nebraska and these flood survivors justice by telling their stories, but I didn’t know if I was the person for the job.

Over the course of the summer, I’ve realized just how much impact the flood had. It has impacted people’s livelihoods and health.

We’ve met farmers who lost everything. We’ve met childcare providers who provided a multitude of resources from outside origins with no questions asked. We’ve even met a mayor who told us of changes yet to come. 

IMG 5729 1024x683 - From the Notebook: Shelby Roschewski

Skipping to today, I finally have a grasp on the scope of the work I’m doing and the kind of impact it could have. I’m excited to come in to work every day and meet new people nearly every week with completely different backgrounds.

We’ve been welcomed into homes, pastures and businesses. In all of these places, I’ve never felt out of place and always left feeling hopeful for the recovery and future of Nebraska. With what all of these survivors have been through, their first priority is making us feel at home, and that’s something not hard to find in my home state. I’ve never been more proud to be a Nebraskan and to be associated with such a unique and significant project.


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