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A woman with glasses and red-orange hair stands on a stage with a microphone in her hand. She also holds a bundle of roses, and she is surrounded by a group of men in western and casual wear.

Afoot in Nebraska: How the self-proclaimed ‘Bigfoot Lady’ of Hastings has...

On a windy Saturday morning, a woman stood onstage at the Hastings City Auditorium. Her hair was a plume of fiery red, and she...
A group of people gathered at downtown festival

Full-powered Hispanic broadcast radio finds success in Central Nebraska

Raúl Arcos-Hawkins starts his morning the same every day— tuning into Fiesta 94.5.  “When I get up, I’m listening to it. When I’m getting ready...
A group of seven college-aged students in professional clothes pose for a photo. With one hand, they each make the hand symbol for the University of Nebraska at Kearney: pinkie and index extended up, with the other three fingers posed outward and pressed at the fingertips to make the face of a “loper” or antelope. They are standing against an indoor balcony, with a glass sculpture of bright colors rising from the background.

UNK program recruits, retains future rural healthcare workers amid growing shortage

Mason Casper’s passion for rural healthcare began with a drive.  A three-hour drive, that is, from Kimball to Colorado. His grandparents began regularly taking this...