Saturday, June 10, 2023
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Memorial Stadium

Inside Husker Athletics’ Mission for Diversity and Inclusion

Not until last September, did the University of Nebraska-Lincoln hire a Black head coach in any of its varsity sports. That milestone happened when...
A young African woman wearing a black coca-cola sweatshirt and a gray beanie sits with her face in her hands and a friend's tattooed arm on her shoulder coming from the right.

Entering Everett: A neighborhood of diversity, strength and community

It’s Sunday afternoon in Everett, a neighborhood located just south of the Haymarket. Residents begin to make their way to a corner and line...
Portrait collage of Black students in a photo studio.

In Black hair, Gen-Z students find expression, identity, concern

Nebraska is one of 19 states that have passed The CROWN Act to address issues of race and discrimination in the United States.  The CROWN...