Tuesday, May 23, 2023
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Friday Night Fives and the future of Nebraska Esports

League of Legends has grown to be one of the biggest games globally. With 180 million active monthly players it continues to be at...
A young boy sits at a desk in XP League playing Fortnite in the dark.

XP League building a community of young gamers in Omaha

Hidden in a tiny nook in Omaha sits a new sporting facility dedicated to coaching young children in competitive esports. XP League opened on...
Multiple people sitting at a long desk with computer screens in front of them play the video game Valorant.

Esports at a collegiate level creeps its way across Nebraska

Clacking away at a keyboard and shouting gaming signals are some of the many sounds one can hear when in Concordia University’s dedicated space...
A big tv screen displaying Super Smash Bros. Ultimate sits on a table with Julian Scrivner on the right playing the game wearing a colorful mask.

High school esports growing in Nebraska

More than 77 different high schools are now competing across Nebraska in competitive esports and while it may not be an official sport, the...

The Steroid Era: MLB: The Show’s Newest Release

Winners never cheat, and cheaters never win… or so we thought. Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, and Alex Rodriguez were some of baseball’s...
Ahman Green creating assignments on desktop

Four-time NFL pro bowler becomes UNL lecturer and esports coach

Before Ahman Green won two college football national championships with the Nebraska Cornhuskers and became the all-time leading rusher for the Green Bay Packers,...

Esports: A streamers paradise

For Morgan Pruitt, there's an excitement that comes as an esports announcer. And for her, it's a fit, thanks to her energy and love...
Midland Esports Overwatch

Midland leads charge for Nebraska collegiate esports

As the spawn doors on the map Watchpoint Gibraltar open, the Midland Overwatch team begins its attack. Its objective is to move a payload...

What is considered a sport? Making sense of the label

An ongoing debate rages on, whether certain activities are considered sports, from speech and debate to bowling and esports. Sports have long been an extremely...

UNL student confronts addiction, learns to balance gaming and school

“Next round, let’s slow push A.”  As he sits in his bedroom, illuminated by a single lamp and the beaming PC monitor in front of...