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A medium shot of Dungan shows him animatedly giving a speech to a crowd, a mic in one hand and his other hand held up as he describes the importance of youth involvement in politics.

Lawmakers are storytellers: Inside the life of Senator George Dungan 

Being a senator is a lot like being a storyteller.  “A lot of what we do here, if we're doing our job right, is articulate...
Senator stands smiling next to a bookcase

What parents need to know about Nebraska’s scholarship initiative

On Aug. 30, Support Our Schools submitted nearly double the number of petition signatures needed to let voters decide on the repeal of school...
A woman, Dr. Mary Kinyoun, stands at a podium wearing a black shirt and white doctor's coat. She is surrounded by a diverse group of physicians, all wearing white doctor’s coats, standing in front of a white wall.

Why Nebraska doctors were against failed Nebraska Heartbeat Act

The Nebraska Heartbeat Act, which would have banned abortions after a heartbeat was detected, is now dead for this session after a dramatic week...
A close-up photo of a cuckoo clock showing a time of 11:00. The clock is in between two windows with red shutters on a wooden house. Made in Germany is inscribed on the clock. A wooden figure with a yellow hat holding a rolling pin is on the left in front of the house anda dog next to a figure with a green hat is on the right.

Nebraskans sound off on potential for year-round daylight saving time

The week after the biannual time change is a pain for employees at City Clock Company in Lincoln.  Third-generation co-owner Deb Burkey said the company...
A German-Shepard/husky puppy sits alone in a cage in an open field on a chilly morning in early February. In the distance, moderate clouds cover the sky and a few trees are scattered on the left side. Taking up a majority of the right side is a partially withered sign with a no-symbol. It reads “Littering, Dumping up to $100 fine. Keep Lincoln & Lancaster County Beautiful."

Pet abandonment is illegal in Nebraska, but thousands of strays are...

In early February, the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office got a report on a puppy left in a cage along a Lancaster County road. After...
State senators work on the floor of the Nebraska Legislature. Speaker John Arch stands at his desk addressing his colleagues, some who turn in their seats to listen and others who continue working on their phones, laptops or papers in front of them.

Who’s who in the Nebraska Legislature: 2023-24 state senators

Editor's Note: This article has been updated to reflect committee assignments and leadership positions for state senators following the resignation of State Sen. Suzanne...
Several pairs of shoes are seen on tables next to the information desk with a sign that said, “Each pair of shoes displayed represents two lives lost to suicide during 2020.”

Advocates urge Nebraska public officials to prioritize mental health legislation

Suicide prevention is everyone’s responsibility, says Dr. Dave Miers, Bryan Health’s director of behavioral health. And that’s why Miers is one of many mental health...
Senator Jen Day stands at a podium in professional attire the Nebraska Legislature. Her hands rest on the podium as she speaks to the legislature.

Nebraska legislature’s judiciary committee hears debate on same-sex marriage, gender-neutral language...

On March 1, Sen. Jen Day of Omaha introduced a constitutional amendment that would rid the Nebraska State Constitution of its same-sex marriage ban....
A train is moving across a country railroad crossing. There is a stop sign and railroad crossing signs in front of two sets of railroad tracks.

Two-man crew bill brings railroad contracts to legislature

Nebraska Legislative Bill 31 would require every freight train in Nebraska to have two crew members–the conductor and engineer–in the cab when traveling. Sen....
A low-angle shot of a John Deere tractor cuts down a section of a hemp field, with razed stumps in the foreground and untouched stalks in the background.

State lawmakers deliberate bill that would loosen restrictions on hemp production

A new legislative bill is aiming to reduce the barriers to hemp production and research – and jumpstart Nebraska’s slumping hemp industry in the...