Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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(From left to right) Valentina Zaluzhna, Liubov Vodolazka, Lida Savka, Anna Akulenko, Liudmyla Takhtai and Petro Akulenko sit together in the Suzanne and Walter Scott Great Hall at the Durham Museum in Omaha on April. 20. They sit next to a bronze statue of a little girl. Two people, a man and a woman, sit on the right of the statue. The man is wearing a brown collared shirt, a backpack and blue shorts. The woman is wearing a blue top and black pants. The other four women sit on the left. From left to the right, the woman wear a purple top with flowers and purple pants, a black sweater and black shirt with black pants, a gray shirt and jeans, and an orange striped shirt with black pants.

Refugees in Lincoln share their stories about war in Ukraine, transition...

When the Russian forces occupied the city of Kherson, Liudmyla Takhtai remembers mostly the chaos. Hospitals closed. Food scarce. Police no where to be found....